Thursday, 7 February 2008

Choice is not just "Yes" or "No" Judging could help!

How shocking is to realise that southern Sudan communities are growing apart? nothing is clear as Dinka has a tremendius daunting civilisation! stuffs like; Son of MR X, doesn't tolerate other fansy juicy sites, i am totally inhumanised by what Southern Sudan make it stand out anywhere they drill light.
matters like marriage make Dinka stand out, why cause everyone is prove of what so call i am MR X Son and went overseas with lots of money in my bank why would mr so son stand up to marry my beloved girl friend, not going deep into.
Seggregation of local know communities into certain section!!!! this is shocking to express. why would well known tribe or community split into different small section? is it cause of greadness or wise conclusion, no i think not.
Akoi Majak Akot was encouraging to hear from her that she has intense dream of clear future awaiting ahead of her tribe she so proud of Dinka. I wish she could has thee Globe owned by Dinka in her arms. People like Akoi Majak, David M, Abul M, Awek Meg, William O, Ester O, James L and Ester Felik P.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

December meeting

Brisbane sun shine state will be shinning with some brilliance ideal from Youthfull of Duk county!
The people of Four Duks known as Athany, Padiet, Anyang and Payuel will meet in the town of Toowoomba in Queensland State, they so call Leaders will be dominating Agenda but i hope urging other not to as it is not so much impotant to no one.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


i never get use to my dad, last time i saw him was 1990, 17 years from now this is one of my sad memory i had in my skull. i imagine my first visit as i plan in 2010 or 2011 will be day of days. others relative with dad can't wait as i do too.
SBS Australia and UWS are my only HOPES!!!!! maybe possitively i will.
It would be much more appreciatable then anything in my life if TOM of SBS and Iqble from University of Western Sdyney will keep firm on their promise.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


for the first time since after war the first conference will be held in mareng HQ of county which involve overseas voice for the first time. Leek Makuek was appointed as Australian representatives.